North East dog walkers to be fined £100 if they are not able to produce 2 “poo bags” on demand

In information released by Gateshead Council local dog walkers could be penalised if they are not able to show a police officer 2 dog waste bags on their walk.

A spokesperson from Gateshead Council Press Office said, “The council’s decision to take action against dog foulers is as a result of the growing number of complaints from locals about the cleanliness of their neighbourhoods”

“Gateshead Council wants to ensure that our local area is clean and well looked after.”

This approach, however, has had a mixed response from local people.

Maureen Smith, a Gateshead resident spoke quite openly about her views on the matter.

“Its about time!” she said, “There’s dog mess all over the streets around here, in the parks on the pavement; in the gardens… It’s the owners responsibility to clean up there’s dogs mess so I agree wholeheartedly with the councils decision.”

However, local dog walker Mark Batey had very different views on the matter.

Dog Walker Mark Batey does not agree with the council’s proposed dog waste fine.

“I feel like dog walkers should be responsible for their own dogs mess, however where [the council’s plan] is flawed is if I take the dog out and she has a poo and I use the bag, then I get pulled [and cant produce two bags], I’m going to be fined.”

What Mr. Batey also pointed out was that in the area he walks his dog, around a three-mile radius, there is only “one or two bins”.

Here is a map showing the location of rubbish bins around the Leam Lane area.

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