Rails vs NodeJS — the comparison
Jibin Mathews

This comparison makes no sense.

I read the line NodeJS is a Runtime Environment for running JavaScript as a server. Rails is a Framework for Ruby Language, so I my interest was piqued. Then you make statements such as:

Rails wants a definite file and folder structure. Its architecture is such that it looks for file in particular locations only. It is like all our Mothers. They need to have their items exactly in the places where they wants. Move any file from one directory to another and rails go HAVOC. NodeJS, on the other hand, is very flexible — You can put all your code in just one file or in many directories. Its completely upto you how you want to manage it.

Rails is definitely opinionated on file structuring, but Ruby itself isn’t; the language supports the require keyword that allows code in another file to be run, allowing for a more bespoke setup.

Then I see Pros of Rails; interestingly the first point concerns the Ruby runtime itself.

I think a comparison of Node.js and Ruby, or Express and Sinatra, would have been more fitting.

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