Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

I knew Democrats were whiners but never to this extent. When Obama took office suddenly everything that was wrong in the world was the fault of George Bush. The problems in our society were all due to “old white racists” who think Blacks should still be slaves and that Hispanics are practically slave labor. WRONG! The problem was and still is that Democrats believe it is better to shift blame than to actually address the problem. Hillary is now blaming Comey of the FBI for her defeat when the truth is she blew the election by focusing on trashing Trump instead of addressing the issues people cared about. Now it is also the fault of Facebook. Love it! And, some of you talk about social progress. There actually hasn’t been any worth talking about. A Black man (I know a lot of white African Americans) got elected President and one Black woman said it all after his first election when she said “I only vo for him cause he be black.” A quote I could never get out of my mind. And, this is a way of life for Democrats. Not even Obama did anything to really help Blacks or Hispanics. More people went on welfare and food stamps but that is not the help they need. It just makes them dependent. Hillary is the worst of the lot as she sees no one as anything other than a donor or a vote. She tells Blacks how she is going to get more money for them by taxing rich white people. She tells Hispanics they will be able to keep their Illegal Alien friends here forever. She tells women she will eliminate the glass ceiling and give the wage equality and easy abortions. It truth she has been a public figure for 30 years and has never made an attempt at any of this other than talk about it to gain VOTES! I find that sad and hope that all of these groups will HEAR Donald Trump asking them to join with the rest of us to make life in this country better for anyone willing to work for it. You will be welcome among us, I assure you.

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