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You don’t have to live in China to know the name Alibaba. The Alibaba group own two of the largest e-commerce platforms in China, these being Taobao and TMall. This past November they broke their own sales record of RMB 120.7 billion ($17.8 billion) in a single day during their annual 11.11 “singles day” sales event (comparable to Black Friday).

Insane sales figures are to be expected after these events, what is more surprising (in my view) is the news that Taobao and Tmall have started to actively move people away from Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

For western readers this may seem like a no-brainer since Microsoft has officially stopped supporting IE and the fact that IE8 is almost 8 years old. In China however, IE8 is still the second most used desktop browser (according to Baidu statistics) and IE8 almost fully supported by most large companies and government bodies. …

Sketch has made life as a designer much more streamlined, with a few clicks we can export images for multiple screen sizes and pixel densities, rapidly prototype ideas with symbols and with Craft we can now automatically sync art boards to InVision for collaboration.

A real pain point I have had for the longest time is creating icon fonts, in the past I have been using free online converters font generators to convert svg files into single glyphs.

This works however it was never a fluid pipeline, you can only upload icons one at a time, you are normally limited to around 80 glyphs (They map A-Z 0–9 including symbols) and this does not scale with a team. …

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