ScopeLeads Review: The A To Z For Lead Generation

Lead Generation Software, That Helped Me Get Clients

How do you fill your calendar in half a day?

Without a headache,

ScopeLeads! 🔥

School kids could generate hot leads in a few minutes.

I can guarantee that finding fresh hot leads has never been easier with this service.

I never do reviews of products however here I am. I’m doing this because I was struggling to find good software for my agency to get more clients. After days of searching and testing other software, I stumbled across ScopeLeads. And it’s worked wonders for me and I want to give my take on why you should try it.

So let's start the review 👇

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the method of attracting strangers and prospects. Then you can convert them into customers with a product or service.

Sending an email for your lead generation process is the best way to contact multiple prospects in a day. And you don’t even have to leave the house.

You can also cold call. But we’ll come to that later…

Before ScopeLeads, you had to either purchase a list or manually build a list.

Purchasing an email list is not recommend…. never purchase a list.


The list will have old emails and have a big bounce rate. This will lead to you getting your email address registered as spam.😱


Buying lists are pricey and you can only send emails to it. You don’t own the list.

Sending emails manually will mean going onto each website to find their email and send them an email. But I will cya next year because that's how long it can take to find a client.


You can manually upload each email to a CSV and bulk email, which is what I use to do. This makes the list very accurate and you can find the owners name and email.

But the downside, it takes time to build a list… And patience. I use to make a list of 50 emails a day and its not fun.

The way around this is to hire a Va but that leads to making the list inaccurate and can get expensive.

So, what’s my point?

This is why I love Scopeleads.


All you need do is three steps….. that only takes a minute.

  1. Enter Your Keyword And Location.
  2. Choose whether you’re looking for a business that needs social media, mobile or SEO help.
  3. Hit search.

That's you done. Let ScopeLeads come up with the answers. It's so simple its a joke but let me dive in and explain how to use the software.

Targeted Lead Generation

You can optimise the software to find potential customers needing what you sell. Which is sooooooo good!!!

ScopeLeads can target customers lacking in:

  • Social
  • Seo
  • Schema
  • Adwords Bidding
  • Adwords
  • Retargeting Facebook
  • No Website
  • Mobile Optimised
  • Video
  • Review
  • SSL

Built-in email marketing (CRM)

You don’t have to spend money on email CRM software (customer relationship management) it's including in the package. And it’s good. Very Good.

You can set up emails in a sequence adding days in-between each email. And with separate actions leading to different emails.

Like if the prospect doesn’t open your first email, then they get sent a follow-up email that's different to if the prospect does open the email and doesn’t respond.

This customisation is huge for getting the most out of your leads.

There are 11 email templates included which are surprisingly good.

  1. Straight Kill- Mobile View
  2. ScopeLeads Marketing Audit
  3. Fake Audit
  4. Video Audit
  5. Boss Trick
  6. Straight Kill Simple
  7. Straight Kill Social Lacking (Sale)
  8. Straight Kill Social Lacking
  9. Straight Kill SEO Lacking
  10. Straight Kill AdWords Lacking
  11. Boss Trick Follow up (If they reply, not for ScopeLeads)

If you’re a pro or a novice these email templates will sky-rocket any cold emailing campaign.


When you sign up to ScopeLeads with my affiliate link, send me an email and I’ll include my own high converting email templates too…. Which are priceless.


Why I’m raving so much about this software. This so important.

In the video I will show you the potential using math, Here I have my google sheets open and as you see where trying to find out how much you can generate sending emails.

Say I’m earning $5000 and I want to earn another $5000 this month and I earn $1500 per client I only need to land 3.33 new clients to reach this new goal.

If I speak to 4 people I can usually close 1 so that’s means I need to speak to 13.33 people to reach my goal.

So that means I only need a consultation every other day. To get this I need to send 666.67 emails a month.

That's 50 emails to get 1 person to get on the phone with me. Which sounds high but per day that's only 22 emails. Which is an extra 60,000 a year.

That's the power of this software. And why I use ScopeLeads

ScopeLeads Pricing

This is the monthly pricing.👆

This is the yearly pricing.👆And you get 3 months free!

Having stacks of different searches in different locations is amazing. I can’t describe how much time this has saved me.

If you need to find customers try ScopeLeads.

There are so many different options with this software here’s what I’ve been using it for:

  1. Finding businesses to run Facebook ads for them.😉
  2. For website development finding a business without :
  • Websites
  • Schema
  • SSl cert
  • Mobile Optimised

3.Finding business needing Seo without:

  • Adwords
  • Lacking on SEO.

And many different features like:

The software can produce SEO audit’s and send them via email making the process streamlined and ultra-fast.

If you’re doing social media management. You find a business without social pages linked to their websites so you sell social media management too.

There’s even a lot of features that I haven't used yet. Because these features alone will keep me generating leads…. Forever

Let me know when you try it. And I will send you the email templates I use to close prospects.😃


Owner — EvolvedToaster — Creative marketing agency… As an SEO expert, I can double your organic traffic in 90 days. I'm doing guest posts, Reach Out!!

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