Behind this all

What awaits you behind this all? What is it that you see when you open your eyes and a new face greets you with a simple “hello”?

Do you think art? Do you think desire? Is this a second identity designed to experience pure power? Another side of you?
I think it’s all of this. I think it’s the chance to go deep inside, and bring out some of the most intimate desires to light. I think it’s expression and game, beauty and raw desire, a simple and perfect way to live your dreams.

What would you do if you open the door and your partner surprises you with new a face? A new identity? Your partner approaches you, becoming the new person, energy and a wish to show you this emanates from him or her.

Let yourself go.

Allow yourself to be part of this new story. This new adventure. Explore this and let your energy flow. Together, you and your partner, can experience things that would bring the deepest, most intimates wishes out and makes them real.

Let yourself go, into this new world. Allow him or her to show you why he or she chose this new role for this story. Why the new face. Why the new person.

by Frank Miersch

Free and without the inhibitions of the “self”, beautiful things will happen. Things will get amplified: touch, sight, taste… Sexual desire.
Every part of you will be empty, experiencing only the moment. Only you and your partner.

Only you and your partner.

Come, allow yourself this. Let this be a reality for you.

Play. Dream. Live. 
Pure beauty. Pure wonder.

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