Warning this article contains strong language

Please stop me, argue with me or agree with me, just don’t NOT do anything.

The other day I interviewed Goodie Pabla at Allure Laser Clinic in Coventry. Among Goodies’ range of skills, she is able to carry out energy balancing and past life regression therapy. For those of you that have not heard of past life regression it the theory that we have all lived previous lives and the knowledge and experiences of our past lives move into the next. These experiences may help us lead better lives or provides blockages which the therapist seeks to identify and help to remove.

Subject Change

Now, lets move away from spiritual interests and delve into the world of Physics. Here you will either get a major headache or be bewildered by what has been discovered over the last 100 years, how much is still left to be unanswered, and how much physics still looks to its big brother Philosophy for guidance.

My interest in Quantum and Particle Physics has led me to these temporary conclusions;

  1. Atoms are not created or destroyed, they just are. So where did they come from?
  2. Electrons within the atoms resonate and ‘pop’ in and out of existence. Where do they nip off to?
  3. Everything is made up of energy and vibrates at a different level. If this is true and the human aura is magnetized then why is it said that we attract like for like i.e. misery or joy depending on what we portray; I thought the same magnetic poles repelled each other?
  4. Sub-atomic particles can act as matter or waves (non-matter), so this means they can interact with anything and everything yes? And if so then this corroborates Jung’s phiolopsohpy on the Collective Unconscious yes?
  5. If we cannot prove that DNA carries forward information to our future generations and yet we know that some animal behaviors are purely instinctual then is it not time to suggest that the information is contained and passed forward by the atom and the busy little electrons?
  6. If you are still reading this and not shouting down your computer at me, do points 1 to 5 not offer some substantiated evidence that post life regression is a very real type of therapy that should be viewed more than just an alternative therapy?

This short article was posted for critical review and active contribution, please treat it as such.

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