Boys to Men

We all grow up one day

Our youthful indiscretions fade away

But real friends are everlasting

Like a film with perfect casting

Or like the sun’s endless blasting

You know the day one friends

Otherwise known as thick and thins

Brothers from other mothers

Who says you can’t choose your fam

They have your back above all others

Law abiding or on the Lam

We’ve been to hell and back

And came back with stories like Dante

We’re like frick and frack

You’re my little brother like Phonte

Or 9th Wonder or Rapper Pooh

Only we know what we’ve been through

In time we’ll look back and laugh

We’re men now but at 18–19 riff raff

I’ll hold you down for life

Rep you like an og reps his set

In success and in strife

One day we’ll save the world like Roland and his ka-tet

You may not get all the references

But best respect the rhymes

Remember our old preferences

Our days of chasing dimes

When we reconnect it’s like no time has past

It’s just like the boat times

No matter when I saw you last.

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