Miss Matched

The girl that was

The love that wasn’t

Sometimes Cupid strikes

most of the time he doesn’t

We had plenty of laughs and some tender moments

We had plenty of passion and all that it foments

We didn’t last but who says that we should’ve

Would we be different people or change if we could’ve?

I still think you’re amazing without trying to impress

I still smell your scent, feel the ghost of your caress

It wasn’t all fun and games but what in life is

I let you down, I am sorry for this

You’ll always hold real estate in my mind

And you can count on me in a bind.

That I still have you in my life is no small feat

Like I still have this rhyme, I can still find the beat

I don’t know how to end this but I’m sure that’s no surprise

I wish we’d go back to times of burgers and fries

Though you’d probably call them chips.

Thanks for never lying, and I’m not talking bout your hips.

I’ll sign off here then before I get too sappy

Remember the high points even if the ending was crappy.

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