Stranger Things

When I was young I was reckless especially with the girls

Like a pirate ship after booty every time its flag unfurls

I’d find myself in situations and not realise the danger

You’re young and headstrong so what’s going home with a stranger

Young men will do the wildest chasing skirts

For a night’s fun, we’ll risk a life of hurts

In hindsight it seems so obvious that this life is full of risk

The stranger things we chase for pleasure all too brisk

I’m glad to be grown and not a slave to thirst

I’m glad I survived those encounters and my last wasn’t also my first

If I could advise myself, I say to keep your head

Rather the one with a mind and not the other instead.

To the the girls from my past, now women fully grown

I thank you for your kindness and for the the thrills I’ve known.

So I’ll close this case of rueful contemplating

And thank the heavens that my past didn’t ruin future ruminating.

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