He and me

25 going to 26 so I really need this …..

After all what have been through the new year !! And so it’s 14 th day of the 16'’ year , working more and trying to expect less . Every day and every minute it scares me to approach my birthday , it’s sounds more like my death day would be great fun if it would be , but hey as I said no luxury in my life !

Me growing older is fine , as the day comes closer I feel some thing is gonna die in me ! He spoke about it the other day saying hey ur birthday is coming soon !!! And I am like Y did u have to bring it up , after you saying that “ ur birthday is on the wrong day” well that sure did hurt !! As if any one care if I am hurt or crying .

Being born on a Valentine’s Day for the first time sound wrong to me !

Being born as a women who is just a soul sounds like a curse to me for the first time .

I am a reject !!!! Is all I can think off. Offcourse i can’t finish my self for that cause it’s not right . Any ways I am going to learn to live like dead body which can breath

Today I truly understand the meaning of

“Some people die at the age of 25 and are buried only at the age of 75"

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