He and Me

I want to see you ……….

I want to see you grinding , I want to see your eyes light up every time you talk about your passion ,I want to be there while you are building your dream and supporting you while you are laying the strong foundation . And then I want us to build the type of bond that most can only dream about . I want us to connect in way that allows us to increase in every way ; new heights and different levels of your career , Us who can motivate each other , A relationship which has an expiration date unfortunately ! When you are off track , I will keep you focused . When you are down I am in your ear re-assuring you of your greatness . I am all about Team ….

I am Down for whatever will contribute to you winning your way !

And for the times you won’t see me

Be humble , make the right decisions in life , have good morals , respect and honour other people , dress like a gentle man that you are . And most important don’t forget that if you need me I am right here if not body , my soul will look after you .

P.S – I Love you , and forever will .

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