He and Me

But your just a boy !!

And I think I do understand .

I know you love me , even tough if it’s not like the way I do, but you do love me . What ever happens between us stays between us . The relationship which I share with you is only for you .

I know your upbringing , I know where you come from , there it is know as a curse and I will be know as a demon !!

Your just a scared little boy ! Scared of the society , scared of your career and most important scared for your family . But don’t forget you are my family too I am scared for you too , you are my responsibility , you are my passion , you are my purpose for living

You know I listen to you …. And I will always do so .

But just because I listen to you don’t make me do things which will perish me forever. ….. And not for the sake of this world which you love so much .

I am not asking you to make me your crown , just let me be your shadow when there is light from one end only , cause when there is light from every end I will disappear eventually that’s my destiny .

Let me be you moon in your darkness . You will have your sun when it’s daytime .

After writing all this , Will want to ask you one last time …. Please please will you not let me go , just because I love you so ……………….

P.S – I love you and forever will

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