Me and He

I know I am writing after long

So 12 th of October !!!!

My best friends birthday and I choose to do it on this day don’t ask me why?? Cause I wanted to that’s why !!

So I leave the house in the morning and I go and figure out where to do it which place to finally give in

I choose a very nice and cute little restaurant called Harry’s Bar !!!!

Monday night so not crowed and that’s what I was looking for

Went in spoke to the manager booked a table and did the reservation , send him a text

I know u have party to attend in the Night , but u can’t say no ! To me on this I need u here at 7:00 pm Table is booked on ur name I will see u at 7:00 pm sharp

He said

But u know I have to be there

I said

U will be done by 8:00 , I know I am forcing you to do this , but please do it for me I will not force you for any thing

He finally gives in and say ok fine

Mad as usual I reach early sort every thing out and finally order my drink and wait for him …………….

I send him texts hoping he has left Then hoping he hasn’t lost the way and I call him and finally

Mr He !!!! Arrives give me a very normal hug ! As he always does and I stand there expecting him to hug me even tighter ( Oopsi it’s in public , obviously he will not )

We sit down !

I wink at the waiter and the menu comes in and he opens it

First step – scared and confused what will he say he sees the card and keeps it on the side saying what is it

We order out drink and food and we are good !

I look at the card laying there his first alphabet of his name is on it

He opens it it reads

He smiles ! Sir smiles ! I am relieved ! He did not alarm me or scare me even more ! He smiles I have butterflies in my stomach good I had had a drink I feel ok and not over excited , tipsy for sure lol !

The waiter brings in the sangria and the 2nd card arrives which reads

He smiles again ! Mr he smiles again and then he says there are 3 more cards to come and I just look blank cause I don’t wanna give in

We are just chatting about his hair and the night he chills with his friends and just basic and random stuff , he wants to smoke he steps out and me with him , I can see the food has arrived and I can see the next card with it , we smoke and and we are back !

He opens the next card !!!!

It reads

He looks at me with a awwwww kinda face and tell me

Y do you have this stress and y do I keep saying this , I am not going any where , I am just here I will never leave nneverlleavrleave you ! So relax

I did not know what to say ! Cause even tough he said he is there I know it when I need him the most he will nowhere be around me

Any ways we order for the next drink and I make sure the next one comes with it

This one reads ….

Well well well ! Mr he wants to act . And there he goes

What do I already know ??

Well I say

You will know !!

And then we do our rest of the dinner in a kind of peaceful yet nice way and then

Do u want the final card are u sure .

He says

Yeaa Yeaa of course I do , I have read the others and I need the last one

I ask him for the smokes and his lighter and the place all the cards in order and place the last one at the end and tell him

Read all together now

And I zoom out to smoke( I don’t even smoke )

I can’t even light the smoke !

I try , try , and try finally it does light up and he walks out , and he has this weird smile on him. And that still makes me happy

So you like me !!

My heart sank and I poured out through my eyes and started muttering in my squeaky voice

……….i…….iam ……….

Sorrie …………….

I am sorrie , I am Sorrie I am making you go through this , I had not planned this this has just happened I am Sorrie …………….

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