The Merchandising of Virtue
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I will agree that meetings and organization are stupid enough.. We will never organize a revolution, but we can disorganize one.. The state is way ahead of organization.. What they don’t realize that there is a touch of individual in all of us, but we don’t have to talk, communicate, share ideas and truth to get something done.. People already feel the same, and if they need to be reasoned into activity they will never get off the couch… If you really felt like you needed to go to DC and tear the government to pieces, do you think you would be the only one to show up???.. If there is one thing people need to do, it is not to have another meeting or organization with all the politics pissing away their energy and time.. People need to express what they would like to do… Ask yourself: If I were free, and no one else was; would I stand with the masses or stand with the masters??? Thanks.. James