The Merchandising of Virtue
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The article is predicated upon the belief that we cannot cast the first stone without being innocent; and this is false.. Our guilt is absolute and universal.. Not everyone is consciously guilty, but none are innocent.. I don’t cry about it, but admit I am the product of a life long attempt to corrupt me with no better excuse, than to give me an excuse for not acting when action is necessary, and not speaking when words are clearly necessary.. I get beyond it.. The idea that people should be quiet just because they have grown rich making a fuss about injustice is ludicrous on its face… No one is ever individually in a position of correcting the failures of government or the excesses of capital, and yet before anything can get done by a significant minority, the reason for action must be clearly shown.. To chastise one for speaking well, and doing well while being less than good could not be more wrong.. The character of those who are trying to make the world a better place is not at issue, but the issue is all of those trying to stand in their way.. No one has to be good to do good, but to do bad, people have to be bad.. Thanks… James

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