Circles Social Contacts

Whilst involved in a Google design sprint, we looked at the problem of the fragmentation of social connections, with so many ways to share are communicate, how can you more easily keep up-to-date with your close friends activity?

Partnering with Kyle Barber, we developed designs to explore the idea of a next generation contact manager for your phone, one can understand and organise the people you are most frequently communicating with, using your installed social apps as source providers for aggregation, and creating an experience that provides a snapshot into your friends activities regardless of social network or service.

We wanted to extend the contact hooks beyond calls and text messages, to embrace messenger services like facebook or line, and allow quick links to any service associated with that contact, such as instagram, youtube or linkedin. We also looked at the system hooks that could create a richer experience, from the android share sheet, to daily round ups of activity via notifications, to integration within the phone app, to allow a quick overview of an callers recent activity.

This approach was intended to help people have closer bonds without the pressure of checking multiple services, and alleviate the fear of missing out.