eBay View Item Experience

This is a concept idea for overhauling the current view item experience, we wanted to make the buyers feel more connected with the products they were viewing, so we used a mobile approach of letting the images do the talking and presenting the product details as highlights.

The idea is that if you present images as the hero, its the area where sellers will invest (rather than the custom html templates of today, which don’t scale to mobile) and the buyers will gets a genuine connection with an item, far greater than a generic product image.

The images first approach also help address trust issues, with greater detail up front, the buyer can understand the condition and any defects the item might have, reducing issues on delivery.

We also developed the idea that every product is a starting point, regardless of if you’re just started a search on eBay, come in via a google search or entered via a post on social media.

Each path provides a context to discover related products, brands and groups within eBay, supporting the users need to see the range and judge the right product for their needs.