I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

Anonymous Amy, this is an anonymous reply to challenge your authenticity:

I think we obviously have some deep, big problems to deal with as a company. I also think this is not incompatible with us having many enemies, who *are* out to get us. That includes many far-left journalists, taxi drivers, half a dozen fierce competitors (both domestic and global)… we’ve also alienated many people who identify with unions, and feminism / civil rights, even more so since recently (they have reasons to be pissed off).

Few seem to question the authenticity of this post that is completely overly dramatic, lacking of any concrete details or inside knowledge about the company, and even containing some straight inconsistencies (more about those later). It looks like it was written by an angry high school kid with too much time on their hands, ODing on over-the-top Hollywood movies and TV shows, and trying to cram as many stereotypes as possible that they saw there (or read in some tabloid articles on Uber) into as short an article as they could.

Couple of my favorite excerpts:
 — She says she’s a “Data Analyst”, her work “revolving around database and networking scalability”, later that she was “making some updates to the Driver Payment system”, and in the end that she had a work phone. First, “database and networking scalability” is just about the most generic description I could hear of an eng activity. Second, since when do our data analysts update payment services code? Third, “database and networking scalability” seem like an infra/platform job, whereas “Driver Payment system” clearly is a program (two different kind of teams at Uber). Fourth, I thought Uber provided mobile devices only to mobile engineers, that those were for testing purposes only, and were managed devices? (not supposed to use them for personal use, everyone I know just leave theirs in a drawer at their desk)

- “I remember how the interviewers constantly tried to trigger me and insulted my intelligence to see if I break under pressure. While they succeeded in triggering me, they failed to break me. I am not someone who breaks under pressure. Also, I have a strong moral compass and I stand up for what is right and fight what is wrong. … Uber finally broke me by destroying my dignity as a human being, and reduced my aspirations by attaching their worth them to a female reproductive organ. Like they did to Susan, Uber killed a part of me that was most precious.”

Everybody received the memo on how we should try to trigger our candidates and insult their intelligence so we can gauge how well they handle pressure? What does that person think this is, the navy? Man, people around the office brag about their artisanal kombucha and hand-sewn socks with cute cats on them. When it rains outside or there is a protest in front of the door (made of 5 people AND A MEGAPHONE), half of the office stays home because it’s too dangerous to go out. Trust me, “toughness” is not a job requirement.

- “Chauvinistic, racist and homophobic attitudes were far too normal at Uber. Once in a group chat, team members referred to a new Asian American recruit as slanty eye joe.”

Funny that a company whose engineers are about 50% asian would be that racist towards them. About homophobic attitudes: do you even *live* in SF?

- “It was normal for guys to refer to other guys as fags when they didn’t participate in private parties where sex and drugs were involved. It was normal for guys to openly refer to attractive female colleagues as sluts when they refused to go out with them. They had private chats where guys wrote sexual fantasy stories about female colleagues and supervisors where they performed all sorts of demeaning acts on the women.”

Wait, did I read this right? People were told they were fags if they declined invitations to private parties with sex and drug? Did the dialog go like “Hey joe, wanna come to my party with lotsa drugs and sex this we? — oh, uh, no, thanks — lol u fag”. Also: yeah, Amy. Exactly like in high school, boys get together and write stories about girls, and then they smack talk if one dare tell them something about it. Also, don’t tell anyone but we have secret lists with the most to least favorite girls in the team 🤓

- “Mike#2 is a man in his 40s who was pulled from another silicon valley tech giant just two years ago with a multiple six figure salary. Apparently, Travis personally interviewed him and liked his combative style. “

First: it would be highly unusual for one of their direct reports to know their manager’s salary. Second: she’s an IC, and her direct manager was interviewed by Travis, *in person*? Damn, he’s less busy than I thought, interviewing managers who have 20-ish people under them. Third: “I like his combative style!”, is the most caricatured description I’ve heard of what Travis would say.

- “Married with two children, he is well known for being abusive towards anyone below his pay-scale and for being casually racist towards foreign employees who are here on work permits, and abusive towards women at work.”

Hahaha. Yeah, that’s like, his reputation right here. “Mike? Oh yeah, he talks like shit to people making less money than him, is famously racist and sexist. Why don’t you make him an offer TK.”

- “Mike#2 looked at me and said “There is no place for ethics in this business sweetheart. We are not a charity.” I was upset to hear such an insensitive comment. I repeated my point and this time, I raised my voice to show that I was unhappy with his attitude. Visibly angry, Mike #2 covered the microphone of the conference phone, he reached over to hold my hand tightly and told me to stop being a whiny little bitch.”

First: who fucking says “Sweetheart”? What is this, the 50s? Whoever wrote that, they watched too much of Mad Men. Also, they obviously don’t work in tech, where we stopped “covering microphones” decades ago, using the big red Mute button instead. I wouldn’t even know where is the microphone in our meeting AV systems. I would aim for that big cube-y speaker in the middle of the room, but he would have to stretch very far to reach it, all while he’s holding Not-Amy’s hand. How long are this man’s arms? Did he have to delegate the hand-squeezing to one of his sneering minions?

I say, if that person really worked at Uber, why didn’t they give any single insider information? Dare you, NotAmy: what floors does Uber have in what buildings? Which is your favorite one? Where are the ping pong tables? What are the snacks like? Can you name a service that’s used internally by everyone?

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