There are certainly two ways to look at this situation. The first is through fearful and anxiety ridden eyes. It was that guy at the supermarket that looked at me as if I was one of the ‘infected’. No smile or salutation…just a hairy eyeball and a return to the mission at hand…toilet paper.

I get it. I understand the anxiety…of course. …

*This piece contains explicit language

He woke first in the cottage…the others still recuperating from yesterday’s movement and conversations. He had an idea to go grab some donuts at the infamous bakery nearby, and he romanticized a moment in his mind about his child and her cousins devouring their chosen flavor, while his sisters thanked him and looked at him admirably. Sometimes, he thought, you can get what you need from a moment simply by imagining it, and then consuming the accompanying emotions.

He decided not to go, and instead went to the small hallway bathroom to splash some cold water on the back of his neck and face. Wiping away yesterday seemed logical…practical even. And because he knew today would call for more demands, more love, more sacrifice and compromise, he understood the need for a fresh start. …

Is your pulse quickening? Your blood pressure rising? Could your heart be working a bit of overtime during this stressful situation we find ourselves in? Well, first acknowledge that your body is responding appropriately…it’s stimulating body processes mostly through the sympathetic side of the nervous system, preparing you for fight or flight. That certainly can be an effective and necessary part of our existence. But that can’t be our ‘normal’. Within the stormy seas, we must instill instances of calm and peace, in order to right the ship…and guide ourselves to shore. Let’s get there together:

  1. Breathe — Not just any breathing…close your mouth and breathe through the nose! Mouth breathing, which way too many of us do way too much of the time…is sourced in the upper chest, and is directly connected to the sympathetic system. Think of the mouth as being created for eating and talking…ok kissing too! The nose should be used for the breath. It sterilizes, filters, and warms the air before it enters the lungs. It encourages diaphragmatic breathing, drawing from the low abdomen (and using the diaphragm). This is directly connected to the para-sympathetic system, in which your body is allowed to rest and recover. Bonus: breathing through your nose encourages your sinuses to release the gas nitric oxide, which has been found to dilate blood vessels therefore lowering blood pressure…like what? How cool is that? …


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