Action + Hard Work = Serendipity

Once in a blue moon (it seems), the stars align for us. Things fall directly into place. A miracle or phenomenon seemingly occurs…or luck happens. I wonder what others think and feel when this takes place, and if they cherish, and attempt to hold on to the moment. Some might say this type of thing is God’s work. Others may feel it’s merely coincidence. And then there are those that believe this serendipity can be created by their own actions.

I am certainly a member of the latter group, and have come to understand that while there are some outstanding circumstances that remain difficult to describe…one can make his or her own luck, through action and hard work. By simply doing, putting one foot in front of the other, moving the plot forward, we begin writing a deeper, more saturated story. We collect more keepsakes that have their own unique tales. And we connect with other story tellers, building and strengthening our webs and networks. And while we may be focused on our North Star, and hold dedication toward a particular goal, we find that we accidentally find success, happiness, connection in unexpected areas.

The doing is key. To sit at home and dwell, or procrastinate, or complain will not lead to the luck. To continue having ‘ideas’ without execution will certainly weigh one down, and prevent a serendipitous future. To look at others with jealousy, and wonder how they ‘got so lucky’, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most of the time we don’t do or act on intuition because of a fear. We are really good at quickly coming up with excuses why we shouldn’t do something. Sometimes this help us…when safety or security is at hand. However, most of the time we let our thoughts and outside influences talk us right out of an idea that came from our core…our own creative mind…our true self.

‘What will my friend say? What are my parents going to think? What will I tell my boss? My partner doesn’t know this about me. How will I pay for this? How will everyone feel about this?’ You see…it’s so easy for me to come up with these questions that rise up quickly, and typically prevent us from doing.

You have 1 life. Do not spend any of it worrying and feeding into these fears. You will…as many know…look back with deep regret, understanding that you had the shot…and didn’t take it. Take a moment right now to feel that pain that the regret will deliver. Now, don’t allow yourself to ever go there again! You have the ability to try such a wide array of intriguing things. You have an amazing ability to communicate to others and create a support structure to get you through. Say ‘Yes’ and start doing!

Remember…you probably will fail, or will suck, or will be mediocre at some of these things you do. But by dedicating yourself to an action…by going ‘all in’…by committing yourself to your own true plan…you’ll step closer and closer to purity, happiness…and serendipity.

A multiplier or xfactor to this formula is hard work. Putting your total best effort into your investment will achieve the greatest returns. You can’t go mediocre at your actions and expect to always make your own luck. Sure…you might find some fun or entertainment…but you won’t be truly building the characteristics that can be effectively applied in other surprising and unexpected areas of your life.

One area where I see this play out very fittingly, is writing. By simply getting pen to paper, or keys to screen, we can easily follow through on an idea that we have. By writing this piece, I am doing. I’m moving my own plot forward. I’m acting on an impulse or intuition that I had. An idea came to me, and I’m creating something from that. That alone may be fun or interesting for me. When I pair it with hard work and dedication though (more time writing/ editing/ researching), I can see that I’m building something more, and I sometimes find a bonus I hadn’t planned on. While putting in that hard work, a very special moment can occur. An unexpected spark or connection can shine through, and bring everything together. These are wonderful ‘aha’ moments. They are rare, random, and fleeting. Songwriters know them all too well. When a clever and fitting lyric is discovered, the artist can feel a unique, small sense of closure or success. It can be very short-lived though, and very hard to come by. When these moments arise, they should be recorded or documented quickly as not to lose them. Keep a journal handy. Pull over and use your voice recorder. Whatever it takes…don’t lose it!

I hope in some small way, I can encourage you to take the first step and act on something you’ve been considering. I also hope that you’ll then go ‘all in’ and dedicate yourself to it with really hard work! And I would really love for you to discover that moment of true serendipity, knowing that you created it for yourself. Good luck!