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Trump was elected for one reason and one reason only — The Apprentice was one of the greatest works of reality television to date. Period.

Kidding. I’ve never watched the show. An orange-skinned caricature of a businessman screaming at B-list celebrities is not my idea of good TV.

But in all seriousness, there is no single reason you could point to as to how we’ve ended up with a regular on WWE as the president of the free world, but I’d like to touch on one of the many.

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At least we can feel safe knowing that Trump will Powerslam the shit out of Angela Merkel if push comes to shove.

A key demographic of Americans that have been feeling alienated, and I think Trump spoke to them in a way that Hillary failed to. While I would argue that Trump has effectively conned these down-on-their luck Americans into believing that he is the only man put on Earth who can solve their problems, he gave these people a voice in a political climate where one is made to feel guilty for the color of their skin and the letters of their chromosomes. …

Okay, so I didn’t actually put myself in solitary confinement.

Prison is the one place where my boyish good looks would not serve me well, so I did the next best thing, I signed up for 5 days of silent meditation. And if that wasn’t enough, I signed up for another 10 days the year after.

If you had asked my 21-year-old self to give up speaking, TV, Internet, reading, writing and meat in order to spend 10 days waking up at 4am to do nothing but meditate, I would have politely asked if you’re having a stroke.

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“Blink twice if you smell burnt toast.”

So, what changed? What could possibly motivate someone to willingly embark on what is at the very least 10 days of guaranteed boredom? …

Growing up, I thought LSD was some pill that produced kaleidoscope-like visuals for smelly stoners in the 60s. Throughout school we we’re told that drugs are bad, and I took their word for it.

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Surely South Park wouldn’t lie to me.

Then I read Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris.

In the book, neuroscientist and moral philosopher, Sam Harris attempts to answer the following question:

“Is there a form of happiness beyond the mere repetition of pleasure and avoidance of pain? Is there a happiness that does not depend upon having one’s favorite foods available, or friends and loved ones within arm’s reach, or good books to read, or something to look forward to on the weekend? …


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