Marble Music Machine

Have you seen the Wintergatan Music Machine video yet? The music is pretty amazing. The craftsmanship is astonishing. Molin created a structure that 2000 steel marbles are cycled through to play multiple instruments, with remarkable results.

It got me thinking. For every sixteen hours you’re awake, you cycle through nearly 1000 minutes of life — 96 blocks of ten minutes each where you’re doing something. Those minutes are always flowing through your personal life machine, making music. What they play is largely determined by the structure you’ve built — your environment, systems, habits, patterns, commitments, and priorities. That’s very much like Molin’s music machine. His machine directs the marbles to strike the xylophone, play the bass, or crash the symbols.

Molin talks about how much effort it took to get his machine to reclaim the spent marbles. And before he goes on his upcoming tour, there’s some extra work to do because some of the marbles end up on the stage, not making music anymore.

I’m thinking this morning that I have some tuning to do with my life machine. There are some instruments that I need to throw the switch on because they’re sitting dormant. And more marbles wasted than I want to admit.

Your life is beautiful, far more so than this machine. The world is looking forward to hearing the music that your life will play. Perhaps I have a few more tunes in my machine as well. I’m going to spend the rest of this month paying more attention to where my marbles are going. Will you join me?

James Todd spends his marbles running a Corporate Marketing Academy for a giant private company, doing consulting for growing small businesses, writing about home entertaining, and helping people become deliriously happy and wildly successful. His family of learners, adventurers, and actors lives in Nashville, TN.

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