The easiest way to profit from Wall Street, legally

Making money trading stocks seems easy. Buy and hold, Warren Buffett’s favorite investing strategy. There is no doubt it worked well for him. It made him one of the riches people on the planet. Basically, buy a stock, wait a while (usually many years as in Buffett’s case) it goes higher, sell it and keep the profits. Ironically, this is so difficult to accomplish that most people end up loosing money. Why? because of 2 forces that most people have difficulty understanding and controlling. These forces are fear and greed.

Fear and greed, in reality, are more complicated than what they seem. For instance, a trader having fear that the stock will drop right after buying it ending up in a loss. Or, sometimes, a trader having small profits, fears loosing it if the stock start going lower. And when the trade is in the red (loosing), the trader fears it might get worst (loosing more). As a result of these fears, the trader ends up making “untimely” exit decisions of the trades resulting in overall losses. On the other side of the spectrum, greed works in a similar way. It leads the trader, to miss “profitable” exit points resulting, again, in overall losses. However, there are traders, albeit few, who have the skills to manage these fears and greeds. This, in turn, enables them to execute profitable traders agin and again resulting in overall profits.

So, is this the easiest way to profit from Wall Street? No, because it requires certain level of stress and a lot of work and skills but it is very rewarding financially. However, duplicating these successful traders and reaping the profits without the stress and work that are required must be, in my opinion, the easiest way to profit from wall street. This strategy is called “mirroring” at Meer.

Meer is revolutionizing stock trading and enabling anybody to profit from Wall Street by mirroring successful experienced traders who are part of Meer community.

At Meer they say:

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