California Legalizes Marijuana, Welcomes Recreational Dispensary

Last November 2016, California has just legalized the use of marijuana. Gathering 56.04% of votes, the state has officially said yes and welcomes all recreational dispensaries. Here’s good news: study shows that in the year 2020, marijuana market in California will become huge and speaking about money, it could reach up to $7.6 billion three years from now.

So, if you are one of those prospective owners of Marijuana Recreational Dispensary, this could be your chance. However, before you go and put up that dispensary, you need to know about the Complete Dispensary Package. It’s an amended law which states the regulations on how to open a dispensary in Ca.

What Does the Law Says About Legalizing Marijuana?

Laws exist in the land to avoid abuses; thus, the same principle applies to the legalization of marijuana. Although its intention is for medical uses, the government also outlines important points with regards to the matter.

Accordingly, adults that aged 21 years old and above are the only ones allowed to use marijuana. Marijuana industries should be licensed by designated agencies and apply proper taxation rates, however, medical marijuana are exempted. Moreover, proper packaging and advertising should apply but not directly marketed to minors.

When it comes to the monitoring and accountability, the local government of California will be the one responsible. Their tasks involve prohibiting the growing of marijuana in public places as well as consuming it around minors. Any violations committed against the laws and regulations are subject for proper punishment.

How to Open a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary?

Accordingly, issuing of permits by Bureau of Marijuana Control to prospective recreational marijuana dispensary will start in January 2018. It seems like there’s a lot of waiting out there but it will surely give the owners an ample of time to prepare. So, what must be done?

First, you should seek the advice from a dispensary expert. Although California legalizes marijuana, still, there’s a complication that lies ahead and you need to know the other risks of putting up the business. Aside from that, a well-crafted business plan should be in place. This is going to be vital when you go to the designated agency for a business license or permit.

There’s no need to rush by the way. The law is there, the regulations are there. All you need to do is to plan and slowly implement the necessary step in getting to the peak of the world’s newest lucrative business.

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