Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

So in a nutshell, you don’t understand what Trigger Warnings or Safe Spaces actually are or why they are important, and you don’t understand Freedom of Expression either. And because you don’t think that they’re real or important, believing that instead, Trigger Warnings & Safe Spaces ‘Deny Freedom Of Speech’ and ‘Avoid Reality,’ (which they don’t,) you’re appealing to the ‘Children Starving In Africa’ fallacy, demanding that activists do ‘REAL’ activism. And in doing so, you completely ignore the fact that activists can do both, since they are not mutually exclusive. Meaning that while you do have some fair points about the Tribalistic nature of Social Justice Activism on the Internet, I’m sorry to say that these are problems with the Internet as a whole, not merely with ‘Leftists’ or what have you. And in short, you’re just pissed off that the the people who you’re criticising don’t share your priorities or play by your rules. To which I have to ask, which of you is arrogant?

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