Every Late Night Talk Show Is A Sleazy Plutocratic Rim Job
Caitlin Johnstone

Even if we agree that HRC would have been too conservative ideologically, how do you defend anyone’s not voting for her, as long as they didn’t want to have President Trump? Health care reform is being replaced by wealth care. The SCOTUS will now be turning to the right, for decades if not generations as Republican sponsored voter-suppression digs in. Every progressive program, policy, advance of the last 75 years will be on the table. The popular minority who installed Trump in the WH are now crowing and gloating about how they put one over on us blue state liberals, all in the name of “traditional American values”, when everyone knew their place.

We wouldn’t be in this position now if HRC had won the electoral vote. We’d be bitching to our heart’s content about her positions and policies, but we wouldn’t be seeing Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. We wouldn’t be facing the fact of elderly left-wing justices like RBG being replaced by young conservatives, most likely white and male, who will remain busy for decades.

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