Photographer Stein-tommy Johansen captured the fleeting terror as the Dark Mark glistened and then faded above Tromso.

The Dark Mark was seen in the sky above northern Norway! Norwegian photographer Stein-tommy Johansen captured what appears to be the first evidence that Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters have NOT been defeated, and are, in fact marshaling their forces in the arctic city of Tromsø!

While easily mistaken by muggles as simply a good showing of the aurora borealis, the Dark Mark is instantly recognizable to magic folk. It’s been forever since we’ve had to worry about such terrors. Here’s a refresher for the younger generation that was not raised amid the horrors of the past:

The Dark Mark is the symbol of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. It refers both to a magically induced brand that every Death Eater bears on his or her inner left forearm, and to the same symbol conjured in the air by the spell “Morsmordre”. — Harry Potter Wikia

The Dark Mark’s appearance has been documented before, described in great detail:

…it was a colossal skull, composed of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue… blazing in a haze of greenish smoke, etched against the black sky like a new constellation. — J.K. Rowling

Here’s an artist's concept of what it looks like for comparison:

And here’s a GIF:

There can be no doubt! The Dark Lord still lives and calls to his evil followers. We must be more vigilant than ever!

Dark times may well be ahead.

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