Vital Points to Consider when Purchasing Bulls

This article gives the points to consider when purchasing bull. Ensure to get breeding soundness examination done.

Are you planning to make bull purchase? Well, in this case this article is perfect for you. In this article we will discuss the basics of purchasing bulls. Always keep in mind that adding to your beef herd can be a considerable investment. So, you need to select with care and not purchase bulls from any random seller.

Refrain from buying a new disease

Even though you may not intentionally bring a new cattle disease on to your premise, but in reality it is the way how most of the new diseases enter the herd. So, before making the purchase, ensure that the bull is a virgin or is tested for certain diseases. Make sure to enquire from the seller whether the bull has ever had a positive diagnosis. Additionally, seek permission for your herd health veterinarian to call the veterinarian of the seller like Beef Master to discuss about the health of the herd with the seller. If the seller refuses to allow the communication, it is advisable to look for bulls elsewhere.

Quarantine for 30 days

Every ranch or farm has pathogen exposure and most of the animals do not show any clinical symptoms of illness. The immune system of the animals successfully fights off the ailment and you never even know that the animal was ever exposed to it. But if you take the normal animal, stress him and place him right next to your cows with their normal pathogen load, the animal is bound to become sick. This is the reason 30 days of quarantine is a viable option for ensuring enhanced health of your bulls. The herd health veterinarian may suggest a vaccination during quarantine based on the health history of the bull and diseases prevailing in your locale.

Purchase genetics that match your herd goals

If you are planning to use bulls on virgin heifers, calving ease will be your biggest priority. If you are going to use the bulls on cows, it is recommended to purchase a bull with carcass, maternal and growth traits that matches your goal. Look for quality Beefmaster Semen, fulfilling your goals.

Examination of breeding soundness

When you are purchasing bulls from any supplier like Beefmaster Breeders United, ensure that the bulls pass a breeding soundness examination before sale day. Just imagine the scenario where you have purchased bulls wherein few of them are later on found to be sterile or semi fertile. You will be higher disappointed in this scenario. So, get the examination done and make the right purchase!

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