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Misadventures of a City Girl (Misadventures, #2) by Meredith Wild

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Misadventures of a City Girl is book one in the Misadventures series. It is written by both Meredith Wild and Chelle Bliss. It is my first book by both of these authors. I loved this book but want to admit up front that somehow I thought this would be a quirky, silly romance story. But it wasn’t like that at all. It was sweet and sexy and I loved it.

Madison Atwood’s life most certainly hasn’t turned out the way she thought it would. She had married her high school sweetheart and supported him as he built his career only to have him very publicly humiliate her in Los Angeles by having an affair. Now divorced, she needs some time to heal away from the paparazzi. The Avalon Springs Retreat looks like just the place.

“Today I am Madison Atwood, and the next chapter of my life is going to start at Avalon Springs.”

The last thing Madison wants is to hang out with other guests. She wants quiet. So she heads up the mountain to the hot springs. No one is around so a very naked Madison goes for a dip. Except someone was around.

Luke Dawson lived a reclusive life on the mountain above Avalon Springs in a small cabin. Luke was a Navy Seal and needed to escape his memories of war. He couldn’t function around people so the solitary life on the mountain was his salvation. But then he saw her in the springs. He should have looked away, but he couldn’t.

After another chance encounter, these two embark on a very physical relationship. And let me say that these two are insatiable. They just never seem to tire! Chemistry soon becomes more. But Luke can’t leave his mountain home and Madison’s life is in Los Angeles. It would never work, would it?

For a reclusive mountain man, I simply fell in love with Luke. This man…the things he says! For being alone for so long, the words that come out of his mouth could melt glaciers. But no matter how strong his feelings were for Maddie, he knows his own limits, and those limits would never allow him to be happy in the city.

“This man…his words and his body, and the way he’s managed to rescue my heart from the depth of my misery and pull it into the warmth of his love. What did I ever do to deserve him?”

“Luke Dawson came into my life during a time when I least expected it and turned everything upside down. He saved me. He says I saved him, but in all honesty, he brought me back to the woman I was always meant to be.”

This was such a sweet and oh so sexy story of starting over. Both Luke and Madison needed a new start. Both thought their issues were insurmountable but in each other, they found strength and love and confidence. In each other they finally found love.

“Loving Madison has become the sole reason for my existence.”

If there is one thing I know for sure in life it’s that there is nothing better than when two of your favorite authors team up to write a book together. Meredith Wild and Chelle Bliss never fail to deliver a story that is exceptionally written, with the perfect amount of steam, fire, and romantic connection. There stories never disappoint, and the same could be said for everything I got while reading Misadventures of a City Girl.

I have loved so many books by both of these author’s, so when I found out they would be writing a novella together I was elated. Both of these authors have always delivered all-consuming reading experiences with their love stories, and Misadventures of a City Girl was no different. This book sent me and my heart into the best kind of tizzy. It made me blush and melt and just love every moment that these characters were sharing together.

From start to finish this book consumed me to the point that I could not put it down, and it gave me the perfect quick read that had it all.

What I loved about this book, besides the exceptional writing and storytelling of these authors, was getting to be in Luke and Madison’s heads. I loved those two something fierce. I loved that they were two seemingly opposite characters who had one helluva fiery connection. I loved that they pushed each other’s buttons in the best way. I loved that they just couldn’t fight what they were feeling, no matter how hard either of them might have tried. I loved that they took chances, I loved that they felt so real and genuine, I loved that I felt connected to them so truly through every word, and in the end I loved that this story gave me them. It gave me them at their best, their worst, and every high and low in between, and that is just part of what made me love them and their story so much.

Misadventures of a City Girl follows Luke and Madison through their whirlwind romance, when a good ole country boy with a past that keeps him hidden, meets the city girl who will keep him on his toes. She has no idea what’s she’s doing in the middle of nowhere, and he wants nothing to do with the outside world, but when these two are together it’s pure unadulterated fire. What those two share will melt your heart…among other things, and will have you loving every bit you get of their story as they try to figure out what in the world they’re doing with one another.

From start to finish this book did not disappoint. It made me laugh, it had me loving the connection I felt between these two, it gave both of these characters’ distinctive personalities that made me love them even more, and through it all it gave me the best kind of love story. This quick and fulfilling read was all kinds of phenomenal, and I truly can’t say enough good things about it!

This book is perfect for you if you are looking for a quick read that will satisfy everything you want and need in a book! You will love Luke and Madison to pieces, and you will love getting to fall right along with them as this story unfolds. Chelle Bliss and Meredith Wild brought out their A game for this novella, and I for one was impressed by every fantastic word they created within the pages of this book!

This novella will show you all the juicy details of what happens when a country boy falls for a city girl, and every pulse pounding and blushworthy moment in between will have you loving every bit of what you’re reading! Trust me. Luke and Madison do not disappoint. One little bit.

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