The Only Thing Powerful Enough To Overcome Everything Holding You Back
Benjamin P. Hardy

I really enjoyed your article :)

Love is definitely the highest of all human motivations, and self-serving actions only undermine happiness in the long run.

As far as “being yourself” I personally believe that it depends on how a person interprets this advice. If it’s used as a excuse not to try, it skirts personal responsibility and prevents growth and change as you explained.

However, if interpreted to mean that at our core, we are made of pure love and that’s what we are here on earth to express, and that personal growth can be a process of unlearning all the junk that has come to stand in the way of that mission, then “being yourself”can be a wonderful endeavor.

Just depends if a person takes it to mean be as you are right now or be what you are at your core.

Great article, thanks for sharing!

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