Rape Culture: Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know
Caitlin Johnstone

Write what you want to write, but I will keep questioning it. Free speech is a two-way street. In this piece, unlike previous ones, I don’t necessarily dispute most of your facts, but your attitude remains extremely anti-male, or at least extremely female-centred.

“Virtually all women have had extensive bad experiences with rape, sexual harassment and sexual abuse.”

Supposing for the sake of argument that all women have been raped, it could still be only a few percent of men doing it. It would only take 5% of men each raping 20 women to rape the entire female population.

But I doubt that 100% have been raped because even the most feminist studies can only come up with 25%. “Sexual harassment” conflates rape with a lot of non-malicious behaviour, like a man making any sexual advance that a woman considers too forward. Yes, women receive much more unwanted sexual attention than men, but that’s because women receive much more sexual attention in general. Most men get little if any sexual attention, so we are forced to take on an initiator role, only to be excoriated for doing it “wrong”.

1. Fashion and beauty advertising has nothing to do with rape and certainly isn’t propaganda for rape. I assume it exists because women want to attract men, just like men want to attract women. But even if it is rape propaganda, the advertising industry is predominantly female and most fashion magazines are run by women. How is fashion advertising somehow men’s fault?

2. Okay, so you have all the sexual power. Lucky you! With great power comes great responsibility, so what are you going to do with all your power? Oh I see, you’re going to lord it over the sexually powerless gender, and use your sexual power to manipulate us into doing whatever you want. That’s nice. Aren’t your columns supposed to be critical of power? Aren’t you basically saying women should “neg” men on a massive scale? You’re also far more conservative on this issue than you think you are — all that stuff about making men work for sex is the traditional system that Phyllis Schafly was defending.

3. Uh, no, men actually can have sexual dysfunction, why do you think Viagra exists? “Dominate the room, the house, the planet” — isn’t that exactly what you accuse men of doing? Why is it suddenly okay when a woman does it?

4. Well, sex is a need according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but then Maslow was a man so I guess that must be patriarchal propaganda too. You claim that when a woman makes a man work for sex they end up on equal footing. No, that’s not equal because the man had to comply with a long list of demands that the woman didn’t, so the man gets sexual pleasure and the woman gets sexual pleasure plus a bunch of other stuff. That’s if the list of demands ever ends. I’m sure you’d be the first to say that no matter how many demands the man has already complied with, he is not “entitled” to expect any sexual favors in return.

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