No, everything you just wrote is completely wrong, and it’s because you lack a basic understanding…
Caitlin Johnstone

You remind me of the US military, demonizing a group of people (men) so you can attack them.

Next time you’re reading mainstream media — particularly any coverage of gender issues — take note of how often a man is portrayed as in the wrong vs how often a woman is portrayed as in the wrong. You’ll notice that men are more often portrayed like Russians, evil domineering psychopaths, whereas women are more often portrayed like Americans, innocent victims of the Russians. Dig deeper and you’ll find male aggression is overreported and female aggression is underreported, just like Russian aggression is overreported and American aggression is underreported.

Oh, and look up “pre-emptive self-defense”, a feminist-instituted legal defense which allows women to murder their husbands and then claim he was abusive when he’s no longer around to defend his character. Sounds a lot like “pre-emptive war”, doesn’t it? Nicole Ryan actually got away with this despite having been secretly recorded telling her hitman that her husband wasn’t abusive.

On this issue you’re on the same side as the establishment.

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