Assisted Living Homes — Common FAQs

Assisted living homes are gaining popularity these days due to the various benefits they offer to Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. However, before moving your loved one to an assisted living home it is essential to scrutinize his requirements and perform a thorough research accordingly. You can also read online reviews about assisted living homes or seek recommendations from your friends to make the right decision.

Listed below are some commonly asked questions that you may come across while moving your elderly to an assisted living home:

What is an assisted living home?

Assisted living home is a senior living community providing a wide range of amenities for the residents. The staff provides complete assistance to the members in routine tasks including bathing, dressing, grooming, maintaining hygiene etc.

What’s the difference between assisted living home and a nursing home?

A nursing home is a medical institution that provides treatment for a wide range of medical conditions whereas an assisted living home caters to the nutritional and grooming requirements of the seniors. Some assisted living homes also offer medication management and treatment services to the residents.

When is the right time to move your loved ones to an assisted living home?

If your loved one experiences difficulty in performing routine activities, wanders, forgets important names and shows aggressive behavior, it is time to move him to an assisted living home for complete healthcare. You can also look for signs of stress and depression.

Does the facility allow pets?

Not all assisted living homes allow residents with pets. Make sure you go through all the regulations and clear all your queries before moving your elderly to the assisted living home.

What all can be brought to an assisted living home?

You can bring your personal items such as photo frames and decorative items provided that they do not cause any inconvenience to any other residents. Some assisted living facilities even allow the members to bring their furnishings along.

How can I assure that my loved one is being taken care of?

It is important to find a facility that offers optimum care to the residents. You should visit the assisted living home frequently to ensure that your loved one is staying comfortably. Make sure you monitor his behavior and look for improvement in health. Maintaining communication with the staff can also help you stay updated with the condition of your loved one.

What types of activities are organized at the assisted living home?

There are a wide range of activities offered at the assisted living home. The residents can participate in art and craft, music, gardening, brain games etc. These activities not only keep them occupied but also improve their cognitive abilities. Exercise programs are also organized to improve the overall health of the residents.

How much does an assisted living home cost?

The cost depends on the amenities and services provided at the assisted living home. You should ask for a complete breakup of the monthly or annual charges.