Dear Well-Meaning White Guy…
Ksenia Coulter

First, where did you get that pic of me? Pretty sure I only used it on the site.

2nd, there’s some confusion (my fault) about the tweets that set this off. I did tweet twice asking for clarification concerning your post, but it wasn’t an attempt to harass you or call you out.

When I first hit the retweet/quote button, I wasn’t sure if it alerted you that you’d been retweeted. I mainly just spew my nonsense out there, and answer direct messages, so I’m a twitter idiot.

After I’d tried to find the Dunkin’ Donuts in another building and gotten lost for half an hour, I saw no answer and figured I’d messed up the first attempt.

That’s all. I wasn’t demanding a response, I really just wasn’t sure you’d seen the first. My subsequent response were based on the posts from another person questioning why I asked the question in the first place.

(That said, I don’t think asking a question twice is “demanding” an answer. But let’s put that aside for the moment.)

And, as for the blog…I’ve been thinking about doing it since I pissed off a lot of friends on a listserv, without meaning to, and have gone through a lot of self-examination about why it happened..

Another inspiration: I became chat-friends with a woman who made some very questionable gender-related decisions on twitter, who thought I was a troll at first, but after conversing with me came understand I was actually just looking for enlightenment about her situation.

I truly am trying to understand the perspective of all non-white-males, because I think every opinion is relevant even if I don’t agree with it.

However, I do believe there’s an atmosphere prevalent in social media where just being a straight white male makes you suspect to many people, and an easy target, which I think is sad and counter-productive.

  • James Wilkerson, @jameswilkerson,

p.s. My next blog will be, “mansplaining is totally a thing, I’ve done it” or something along those lines. After that, I’ll explore how I pissed off hundreds of people I respect on a listserv…