Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Hi Owen, I truely feel you have failed to grasp the discontent and malalignment of the general public. I don’t know if this comes from your upbringing, your social status or the echo chamber that modern politics / MSM has become. I think the EU referendum results across the country speak volumes as to peoples disposition towards the pious top down anti-intelligentsia mentality that Westminster and the political class have dug for themselves.

The idea that the British public had the wool pulled over their eyes by the right is tantamount to calling them sheep, yet Brexit is still identified as a mistake that more than half the country made. The reason for brexit is philosphically sound, “No taxation without representation”. If anything was a sign people are sick to death of the current political class it literally could not be shown any more clearly than people putting decentralised power in front of any current and future financial gains.

Corbyn will win the next election for all the reasons you have outlined, because he doesn’t pander to the media, because he doesn’t play games with the public and is not so pious as to conflate bottom up support as being as strong as top down support. The English have always had the habit of speaking plainly and our neighbours doubly so. The general public see this clearly and I m sorry you don’t see this coming but the writing is on the wall.

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