So you’re saying you think he is worse than any of the other presidents in the last 37 years?
Ben Marcus

Something I just wrote to another commenter about Obama. Without even mentioning DAPL: “Prove to me that being $19 Trillion dollars in debt is not an issue; that the “war on terror” is real; that Wall St, indeed, SHOULD have been bailed out by everyday working people; that Obama, in some way, HAS HELPED people of color in the US during his two terms; that the US should continue to give Israel billions of free loans and tax-payer dollars; that we should continue to sell weapons to the largest funder of what the government deems radical terrorism on the planet, Saudi Arabia; that we should enhance the current corporatocracy by creating more bogus trade deals like the TPP which Obama was pushing so hard for; that Obama did well by the people of Detroit and Flint during their respective water crises; and show me how Obamacare was NOT a concession to the major insurance companies and covers ALL Americans’ healthcare needs; that his murderous drone policy is GOOD for America’s reputation in the world (and safety) and actually kills more “terrorists” than civilians; that the bombing (illegally) of seven Middle Eastern and African countries, as we speak, and at the end of his 2nd term will make the world a more secure and peaceful place; how the NSA’s ability to aggressively monitor us will make us safer; how Obama’s expansion of the NDAA and his hyper-militarization of local domestic police departments across the country is making us (and especially black men) safer and less like a police state; how his erosion of the Constitution by way of eliminating habeas corpus and due process protects our rights; how his lying about Russia or Libya or Honduras or the US coup in Ukraine furthers our standing and security; or how one of the last pieces of legislation his administration sneaked through, the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act,” which allows the government to decide what is news and what is not, and allows for the creation of information by the government that is to be deemed “truth” or “news” as a countering measure against “fake news”; or how his using the 1917 Espionage Act in prosecuting whistle-blowers more times than all previous administrations COMBINED enhances our right to know, or journalists’ right; or the fact that Obama spent more on nuclear armaments than any president before him after he promised he would do the opposite during his campaign for president.

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