20 Ways to find best freelance writing jobs- A complete guide

Finding a sustainable job in this competitive era is one of the most intimidating tasks a fresh graduate would ever come across. In the crucial status of economy since after the pandemic, organizations are already taking extreme steps of removing their new employees. This has accelerated the concept of freelance more than ever before.

Experts and professionals from a range of industries chose the option of freelancing after devastating collapse of corporate world. There was an enormous record of people shifting toward freelancing sector, indirectly refers to the growth of the freelancing and remote working.

A recent report about the statistics of freelancers reflected; with a total global workforce of around 3.5 billion, there are almost 1.1 billion freelancers in worldwide! — Truly huge number of freelancers depicting the rising interest of people in the sector of freelancing.


Freelancing basically refers to the remote working. A freelancer is usually not committed to any company or organization and is free to work independently. With the help of several freelancing platforms, you can enjoy new experiences every time with a new client.

Setting your own boundaries, limiting your clients, choosing the task that you love, and getting your choice of pay after completing the task, freelancing is reshaping the working dynamics! This needs to be noted that people with advance skillsets and talents are also appreciating the freelancing sector.

The sector of freelancing offers some great fields and industries over which the experts and professionals can work. If you are somebody who loves to write or who is passionate to develop websites, freelancing platforms offer you variety of jobs!


The experts from USA writing services shared the opinion, writing field is another top choice for the freelancers as this is pretty easy to manage remotely. You can write from anywhere and can manage your clients and orders right by sitting at your home. Even a lot of the writers are also launching their writing services online to earn extra money.

Are you also trying to pave your way into the field of freelancing?

Do you have some outstanding skills to write?

Have you been into the writing industry ever before?

If the case sounds any of the above way, then you have landed to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the 20 best ways to find the great freelance writing jobs. Let’s have a look at those fantastic ways.

Outstanding and strong portfolio:

Without creating strong and outshine portfolio, it is simply next to impossible to land a freelance writing job. Create a power packed combination of your samples and submit your portfolio to get the clients.

Remarkable improvement of writing skills:

The improvement of your writing skills would help you get the clients as well. Ensure to read a lot and then practice the writing skills.

Create killer content:

Ensure to write original, authentic, and high-quality content for your clients and audience. It is highly forbidden to copy and paste the content of others.

Join Facebook groups for the writers:

There are thousands of groups available on Facebook. You may join them and can check the posts of the clients who want professional writers for their tasks. Hire me would work well here.

Grow the network via LinkedIn:

Keep making new connections with the professionals of the writing industry via biggest professional community of LinkedIn to get more clients.

Get the feedback and testimonials:

Masters from assignment writing service believe that getting the feedback from your clients would help you pitch your ground of great writing. Don’t forget to take the testimonials and reviews.

Own a professional website or blog:

You need to own a good website or blog for your personal reflection about content writing. This would also portray your interest in content.

Take up on the opportunities:

Keep looking for the writing opportunities around yourself. Also, do not be afraid in making a switch and a newer choice in your profession.

Keep up with the freelancing platforms:

Do not make the mistake of leaving your profile outdated. Clients would only contact you when you would be responsive and quick with your profile and messages on freelancing platforms.

Focus on quality not quantity:

Producing a quality of work in writing is highly important. Make sure to focus on the quality of the content and not the quantity.

Accept the ghostwriting jobs:

If you are getting the ghostwriting job offers via freelancing platforms, go for it!

On-point use of social media:

If you are owning your own professional website or a personal blog, this is the high time when you should start promoting it via social media.

Get in touch with professional and successful writers:

Make connections with the successful and professional writers of your niche. Leave them a mail or a message and get their feedback for your work.

Reach out to the agencies:

Leaving a message to the digital agencies and content agencies is also a great way to land a remote freelancing job.

Introduce yourself and your great samples:

Attach your great of the samples to attract the independent clients and the agencies who offer remote working to freelancers.

Work well on your niche:

This is the high time when you should be working on your niche to strike through the independent clients. Decide your niche first and then step into the writing field.

Keep updating the old content:

The writer must always be skilled with the development of the creative content. If you have an access to the old pieces of the content, make sue to update them regularly. This would also impress your future clients.

Creative marketing strategy:

Not only the creative content writing, but the creative marketing strategy would also be needed to impress the client. Learn the marketing tactics for your better approach and reach among the targeted audience.

Get to the sites that pay well:

Look for the sites that offer great amount to the writers on the basis of their writing contribution. Just like medium and wow women on writing.

Leave your clients in a wow to get them back:

You can only impress your clients in a single way and that is to leave them in an aura of your writing skills, this will keep them coming back to you!


With the help of this ultimate guide, you would be able find some best freelance writing jobs for yourself. Keep a keynote, patience and consistency is the key to the success. You may feel a little disappointed and demotivated in the beginning but if you plan and moved in a strategic way, eventually everything would fall into place!

James is the professional academic writer and he has been working in the educational platform for many years of experience.