James Worrad: The Man Who Joined Forces with a White Supremacist
Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Wow. OK, that’s the last time I vanity search. I suppose I’d better counter this and hope I don’t dig myself deeper regarding this harassment thing.

One of the things I do on my blog, Spool Pidgin, is satirise SF online fandom and its ‘thought leaders’ (a niche interest, admittedly, and I’m probably not even the best example. In fact I’m sort of drifting away from that side of things); I’ve covered right wingers, left wingers, middlers, scam artists, racists/misogynists, people who think they have the answers and demand you listen and probably Jupiter Ascending if I ever bother to watch it.

I won’t link as that’ll just seem tacky, but if you go to my blog and look at the list down the left you will find links to all my posts on Benjanun Sriduangkaew / Requires Hate (Both names of the person who wrote this piece). I think it’s clear, seen in context, that the emphasis is on mocking a slightly pompous online bully rather than imitating Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear.

Admittedly, in retrospect, the Requires Hate vs Vox day piece was a bad call that I now regret. At the time, both individuals were riding high on untouchable viciousness (VD seemed flash in the pan rather than the uber-asshole he’s become. Something in hindsight, I really should have foreseen), both dished out far more than I, or anyone, could ever throw at them. It should also be noted, far from ‘joining forces with a white supremacist’ I call the guy a misogynist tit (Feel free to look up all the posts I’ve done slagging him off). It’s easy to overstep the mark in satire, it’s part of the territory, and this was clearly the case. So, reluctantly, I offer an apology to the writer of this article.

Why reluctantly? Well, try googling ‘Benjanun Sriduangaew’ or ‘Requires Hate’. Have a bowl in front of your keyboard in case your eyes go wide and drop out. The writer of this article, it has emerged, has had a decade-long history of internet abuse. For example: harassing a rape victim in 2013, pushing an SF writer/critic to the point of a suicide attempt, sending emails to SF establishments with a view to getting writers blacklisted and, allegedly (the people involved have to remain anonymous for obvious reasons), talking friends (via e-mail) into revealing secrets so as to blackmail them to her bidding. She got caught, as people like this so often do, and the SF community produced an extensive file on her (qv: ‘The Mixon Report’). It seems, despite currently talking up a convincing progress/diversity patter, the majority of her targets were women of colour, presumably because she saw them as rivals to her writing career.

It staggers me that Medium, a online organ I’ve long respected, would give space to someone of such titanic bad faith. I can only assume the research ball was uncharacteristically dropped. That Sriduangkaew would use the privilige of such an august loudspeaker to exact petty revenge against someone who made her look silly doesn’t.

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