Yammer’s Integration with SharePoint: Analytics and Reporting

Define Your Purpose and Identify the Results with CardioLog Analytics, the Most Comprehensive Analytics tool for Yammer and SharePoint Reporting and Usage Analytics.

Money talks, right? And actions speak louder than words too? These two clichés are specifically relevant to the continuing and progressive integration of Yammer into SharePoint and the need for businesses to intensely get ahead of competitors in a dynamic digital workplace. Organizations around the world and around the clock are looking to see how revenue percentages and levels can increase.

Higher revenue rates offer increased business development opportunities, marketing efforts enabled to the highest degree, and employee and corporate security. And while talk may be cheap, using a communications Enterprise Social Network platform like Yammer is an investment expense that companies are more than willing to wager on yielding results. But understanding the activity of Yammer platform integrated into SharePoint is without a doubt a task and challenge that CardioLog Analytics meets best by offering the most sophisticated Yammer and SharePoint reporting.

The Marketplace: Analytics, Yammer and SharePoint Investments — Are they worthwhile?

With a company’s monetary investment in SharePoint, a distinct goal has been laid out: to offer an intranet portal within which communication, resources and collaborative efforts are not only increased, but constantly developed and taken to the next level. Yammer takes these communication arteries and opens them up further, as an Enterprise Social Network that can be both integrated into SharePoint and offers interaction, collaboration and engagement levels that SharePoint ultimately does not offer, even in its current and latest version releases, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. The importance of Enterprise Social Network activity and tracking it has become a significant matter within enterprise and various types of organizations.

Yammer, (the name and brand to boost engagement and collaboration tools, activities, groups, content contribution functions and sharing features, and the development and promotion of external networks), is literally where all the chatting is. Various organizations have gone as far as migrating their corporate newsletter on SharePoint into the Yammer platform to increase adoption and engagement levels. But, before companies run full force into the playing field and start using Yammer integrated into SharePoint, it’s absolutely crucial for the organization to define specific goals they are looking to achieve with the ESN and create a plan for how to measure their results with Yammer and SharePoint reports. What’s then essential is the following:

Create a game plan to understand your purpose for integrating Yammer into SharePoint. Some examples may be but are not limited to:

• Use of discussions to brainstorm within specific departments and SharePoint segments about projects, documents, ideas and resources for employees.
• Use of file upload feature to create easier access of materials, for marketing purposes potentially, or distribution to promote the company brand within.
• Use of posts with URLs and hyperlinks within discussions to lead to sites within SharePoint that provide opportunities for employees to share knowledge and collaborate on changes or improvements to a specific project that eliminates the mess of emails and flooded inboxes. Organizations are moving more and more of this into the Yammer platform to increase adoption rates in portals.
• Increasing SharePoint Adoption levels in presenting a new and exciting resources like Yammer that presents various actions and activities unavailable in SharePoint: external network collaboration that my include internal company members and external partners, distributors or investors.
• Increased SharePoint activity and usage with the gravitation to fun and easy interaction with Yammer. Once users are in Yammer within SharePoint, they start to wonder what other outstanding resources are available, and suddenly a domino effect happens: they are searching for documents, sites, using wikis, blogs and subsites within SharePoint that they didn’t know even existed.
• Limit specific discussions and topics to private groups in Yammer within which decision makers in the corporation, department or SharePoint user segment can finalize matters related to budgets, confidential and sensitive data, or anything that should be limited to select number of users.
• Allow for the efficient and quick upload of videos, files, documents or any resources that might relate to training and product knowledge development within an organization.
• Glamour, glitz, and gold medal opportunities for Yammer and SharePoint evangelists are available with the option to praise employees and Yammer users for their outstanding achievements, activities, progress, posts, discussions or any milestone required to highlight and encourage the user or employee in their excellence.

How do you analyze if your goals for Yammer Integrated within SharePoint are Achieved?

All of these above listed game plan options and more are available within Yammer and its possible uses as a platform integrated into SharePoint. So the question that’s now eminently present is how on earth do you track whether these objectives have been reached? Yammer analytics offered out of the box are highly limited and do not paint a constructive picture of the correlation between Yammer usage and SharePoint adoption rate increase, usage level increases, and the connection to SharePoint Active Directory and User Profile segment activity. In fact, Yammer analytics do not reach deep into the user segments within SharePoint to identify who the users are in Yammer that are truly making their mark or require attention and help, as the analytics offered by Yammer out of the box are not deeply integrated with the SharePoint Active Directory and User Profile segments.

The Ultimate Solution to Your Yammer and SharePoint Reporting needs: CardioLog Analytics Yammer Reports
What’s the solution? An expert analytics product that is designed and exceedingly powerful for both the analysis of the correlation between Yammer and SharePoint activity. CardioLog Analytics is fully developed with a set of hardcore Yammer Analytics reports that delve deep into the visitor segments of SharePoint Active Directory and User Profiles to identify which users in Yammer and SharePoint are key players.

Why CardioLog Analtyics? We are the New Black of SharePoint Analytics on any Portal Runway!

CardioLog Analytics is the supermodel on the runway of Yammer Analytics and SharePoint reporting tools on today’s market. It offers both the most concrete and holistic solution for Yammer metrics, both able to analyze Yammer as a standalone product, and as an integrated ESN within SharePoint portals. These individual reports are vital to understanding your SharePoint reporting metrics as a whole.

The analytics reports offered by CardioLog Analytics for Yammer within SharePoint are in a league of their own, including but not limited to:
Yammer User Adoption Rate reports that identify the growth, drop or plateauing periods of Yammer user activity and continued registration, based on the specific number of total users, total public groups and total private groups within a specific range of time, with the options to choose from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly periods of time.

Influential User Reports that guide analysts and those seeking data on who your top influencers are in Yammer as an ESN integrated into SharePoint, measured with data of the number of followers a specific user has acquired over a period of time. These names of users, can clearly present valuable assets to organizations that are looking to bolster their training and leadership opportunities for insightful users that are drawing in a following and crowd. The users’ names are indeed able to be identified according to SharePoint Active Directory and User Profiles, easily allowing you to reach out to the users, contact them, request their assistance and promote their knowledge within your organization with ease.

Users Activity Reports are your prized possession for accurately measuring Yammer users’ activity with accuracy, precision and statistics that easily present the amount of posts, likes, shares, and/or content files of users within your Yammer platform that’s been integrated into SharePoint.

Groups Activity Reports are a nice news flash of your Yammer groups’ action items and their essential metrics to help you identify how your groups are actively collaborating and engaging with one another. You can learn all about how many members a group is made up of, understand the bread and butter of your groups’ activity with the metrics on the number of posts, replies, likes, shares and attachments a group has created or generated within a specific time range.

Other Yammer and SharePoint reports that CardioLog Analytics Offers — In one easy to use dashboard.

There are endless amounts of possibilities for optimizing your Yammer integrated into SharePoint platform with all of the data and statistics you can acquire from reports such as:

Follower Reports that break down the details on who’s following specific users and their overall presence in Yammer.
Messages Posted indicate what time of synergy an energy is generated with posts of all types on Yammer, ranging from conversation and debates on a particular post, discussion and various types of posts, measured with metrics on the number of posts within a data range in a visual brilliant chart layout, or within a simple and user friendly meter that calculates the total sum of public posts.
• You can identify the central action within Yammer External Groups with CardioLog Analytics External Network Activity Report that offers the name of the External network and its number of posts, likes, shares, and content shared everyone belonging to the network. Easy, succinct and leverages your ROI opportunities. External Networks are a huge aspect of partnership, project and business development building within Yammer, as these groups are able to include member that are not part of your Yammer network to further increase opportunities to collaborate, engage and communicate with any contacts outside of the company. Gathering data about these networks opens doors and even windows for fresh opportunities to come rolling in, and for catching when the activity and usage might be lower than expected, and then investigating how to make groups like these more effective and user friendly.

The team of experts of CardioLog Analytics have created a full site on Yammer Analytics reports offered, and essentially the intent is to ensure this information is easily accessible for interested parties and existing users of the tool. A site dedicated to all social reports CardioLog Analytics offers is also available and outlines the various metrics and reports the solution offers for Yammer, and other social platforms that are integrated or come with SharePoint.

CardioLog Analytics is a leader in the SharePoint Reporting and Analytics arena, with the most comprehensive tools and product to truly analyze SharePoint sites from start to finish — for on premise, on demand, and all SharePoint intranet, extranet and internet sites. The company also offers analytics of third party integrated tools within SharePoint including Yammer, Sitrion, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other business intelligence systems.