You can’t have a rational discourse with the socialist.
Gregory Smith

Hey Gregory, filthy socialist redistribution of wealth was used to invent the Internet. If you don’t like it, you should probably leave.

“ Bah, electric cars for stupid yuppies, who needs them?” — Careful, your complete ignorance is showing. Global warming is a massive problem that could destroy the whole planet. “Bah, a healthy planet is for yuppies, who needs it?”

If you call everyone that disagrees with your philosophy a socialist (including massive capitalists like Elon Musk), and then pretend like all socialists ideals (like spending money to educate people) are terrible ideas on the level of Hugo Chavez’s *dictatorial* misuse of power… It just proves to everyone reading that you are completely unreasonable and are so prejudiced there is little reason in having any serious conversation with you.

The Internet itself evolved from ARPAnet, funded by American tax dollars.

The very act of criticizing socialist spending online is immediately and intractably hypocritical (unless you are reasonable, and can admit how something can work well in some ways while still disliking those things you do not like). Given that you lead with “You can’t have a rational discourse with the socialist.”, methinks the more correct phrase is:

“You can’t have a rational discourse with someone who refuses to have rational discourse with someone who disagrees with them”.

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