Excellent article.

So, that research you mention, where is the debunking research about her paid speeches? Oh right, she won’t release them. Where’s the record showing her apologizing for supporting a pro-segregationist at the same time that Bernie was marching with MLK? Oh right, she was in her early twenties, so it was ok to be racist because she was young.

If you want to talk about research, try researching Citigroup’s involvement in Bill Clinton’s disasterous deregulations. Citigroup had violated glass-steagall by merging with a securities firm, and were granted a two year stay on the charges while Slick Willy tore down the last remnants of our protection from predatory lending practices, and replaced them with the Commodity Futures Modernization Act and GLBA, which opened the doors to the credit default swaps that crashed the global economy… Yup, Citigroup was safely cushioned and allowed to continue manipulating markets for mass profit, and oh… wouldja look at that? They are Hillary’s top campaign contributors, plus massive donations to the Clinton’s “non-profit” (read: money laundering organization).

So, if you want to talk research, please, by all means, discount her ties to Citigroup, and if you do find something that nobody else has ever been able to do so when it is brought up, we will move on to the next scandal and see just how well you do.

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