Albert Wenger, Partner at Union Squares Ventures, speaks at Davis Auditorium at Columbia University.

What’s the next hot trend in tech? Is it bitcoin? AR/VR? Self-driving cars?

While it’s easy to get caught up in the hot new tech trends of tomorrow, this is not the most important question to ask about our future. In his talk to an eager auditorium of students at Columbia University last month, Albert Wenger, partner at Union Square Ventures, explained that we should be asking the more important questions: What’s next for society? What’s next for humanity?

To answer this question, Albert took a deep dive at human history as a whole. For the 250,000 years that Homo…

Whether you’re looking to get ahead of the curve by studying up on new business tactics, or just chill out and relax, CORE Impulse has you covered. Here are seventeen of the best books to read for the summer — all from current CORE members — plus some bonus items to watch!

Wondering what the talented folks of CORE are up to this summer? From east coast to west coast to cities around the world, CORE is working in tech, digital media, venture capital, consulting, and more. Whether they’re working at giants like Microsoft and Google, starting their own ventures, or even just traveling, CORE members never stop hustling. Here’s how these 19 members are spending the summer months.

I met Nick for coffee on a late afternoon in Soho.

The story behind Homemade, the “Airbnb for home-cooked food”, is not your traditional startup tale. I sat down with Nick Devane, co-founder of Homemade, to discuss how he went from working odd jobs as a broke college graduate in New York City, to hustling venture capital firms and angel investors on both coasts, to finally establishing an incubator and accelerator program for food entrepreneurs, FoodWorks.

Getting off the ground

During his final semester of college in 2013, Nick came up with the idea for Grazer with one of his best friends, and now co-founder Mike Dee. “We had this utopian…

About a year ago, CORE Impulse interviewed Allen Chen, co-founder and CEO of fitbod, a fitness app that is personalized and tailored for the individual. At the time, the company had launched an minimum viable product after just five months of development, and was just starting to find its niche in the market for fitness apps. A year later, Allen and his cofounder, Jesse Venticinque, have a successful bootstrapped company in San Francisco, but their primary philosophy — the Lean Startup methodology and strong focus on the product — has not wavered. …

Written and edited with Diego Anell, Content Editor @ CORE Impulse.

Meeting Sophia at Auxoid’s office at WeWork in Midtown, NYC

Very few people work at the forefront of two of the most innovative and important industries in today’s world: technology and healthcare. Sophia Chou is one of them. As the Co-Founder of Auxoid, the company that created Auxpanel, a business intelligence tool for dentists, Sophia has overcome several unique challenges in the healthtech space to launch an innovative and successful product.

The product Auxpanel comes from personal needs and pains that Sophia has experienced as a dentist. Sophia comes from a family in the healthcare space, so after majoring…

Slack has become ubiquitous in the workplace for one huge reason: a burgeoning marketplace of integrations. With over 600 apps on its platform in July 2016, Slack announced it invested over $2M into fourteen Slackbot startups via its Slack fund. That investment looks to have paid off: from Diggbot to Google+ Hangouts, companies big and small are trying to tap into this new “app store” gold mine of sorts and find their way into your team’s Slack. One of these smaller companies, GIPHY, is an online database and search engine for the best and freshest GIF animations. …

Did you know that this year, Hillary Clinton, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson all visited Columbia? A new app at Columbia, Pulse@CU is trying to make sure you never miss a cool event again. With their Reddit-style upvoting system, sleek web design complete with fire emojis, and impressive growth since their launch in February, Pulse@CU has taken over Columbia’s student population as an alternative to Facebook and email newsletters for finding and marketing events on campus.

At the core of Pulse is their Growth Lead, George Liu (CC ‘17), and Tech Lead, Mohamed Abedelmalik (SEAS ‘19)

Baseball has been around for almost three centuries now, and one of hardest problems in the sport has not been solved: how does a hitter determine a strike, in the split second between when the pitcher releases the ball to when it crosses the plate? deCervo’s Founders Jason Sherwin and Jordan Muraskin spoke to author Vince Gennaro about how their startup aims to measure the colloquial term — “seeing the pitch” — using a combination of video games and electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain activity. This service could have large implications not only in major league baseball, where every millisecond…

You may know Iqram Magdon-Ismail as the cofounder of Venmo, but the stories of how he started and grew his highly successful venture are fascinating. Speaking at #StartupColumbia on Friday, April 29, Iqram began by discussing his upbringing, how he spent his formative years in Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda) before moving to the US. He studied Cs and theater at UPenn, but always had an interest in entrepreneurship. At Penn, he started Venmo with his freshman roommate, Andrew Kortina, and the rest is history.


Iqram broke down his talk into three sections, beginning with ideation. At a concert in…

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@Columbia and Writer @COREImpulse

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