The Next Great Platform is the One That We Already Have
Josh Elman

Assuming the Web2.0 era was ushered by user generated content (UGC), let us broadly agree that this incremental improvement could not have happened without enough users on the Internet to produce content.

Why content?

Because the technology in the Web2.0 era was limited to data. The Internet is a great way to disseminate information.

So what is Web3.0? What is the next incremental improvement?

Decentralized supply chain optimization and the Internet of value.

Why value?

Because businesses can now work together sharing the same database (blockchain). This transparency will allow the outsourcing of specific business processes, reshaping the corporation.

User generated work (UGW) produces value. The ability to be compensated via crypto-currencies will usher in the decentralization of organized labor. The inefficiencies of monolith corporations will need to compete against a self-organizing global employee marketplace.

The LinkedIn acquisition has this global employee database to potentially decentralize Microsoft.

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