Observation on Mac Touch Bar and touch in general
Steven Sinofsky

The chipset represents the momentum of the eco-system and Microsoft took the “touch” hit a few gens ago — Apple decided to do a more elegant fork (even though the MacOS and iOS are very similar “under the hood”). Smart move but I think we are now seeing a company trapped by it’s own success.

Isn’t AI and “big data” supposed to swing us back to the mainframe? If so, then the client should be about interaction and UI. Touchbar (and watch, Siri, home kit, health kit) falls short of A(V)/R interactions and developer imagination. Microsoft has years of open research and innovation here.

Apple will wait (like it did with the mp3 player) for a significant market to emerge for A(V)/R and iPhone market peak (which seems like we are close to seeing) before eating its own lunch. That is why the watch seems like a strange aberration, a product manifestation of a change in guard?

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