The network effects of syndicating unprecedented levels of coordination based on future commitments

TL;DR While we can solve Ethereum’s scalability and on-boarding issues, the real opportunity is discovering a new collaboration playbook based on a syndication of open networks.

History Doesn’t Repeat — It Rhymes

Previous posts discussed how CREATE2 can solve the Ethereum New User Flow (ENUF) and provide a scalable layer2 first solution. There is a viable path for Ethereum to go mainstream. However, just because it can does not guarantee it will.

We don’t know what the next “killer app” is going to be — so looking back at history to find context may help inform us better. Humans are good at pattern recognition because it allows us to predict and expect what is coming. Some have said that crypto is like the Web in the “mid-90's” — we are still in the infrastructure phase. …


James Young

Proof of words — move fast and tokenize things

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