On Gym Clothes
Ester Bloom

Just want to chime in here and say you are totally worth getting some good gym clothes! I don’t have the skinny stick body Lululemon makes you think you need to have, either — despite being a runner — because runners, worker-outers, and yoga practicers come in all shapes and sizes. Like someone else here already mention, Target has super practical, not-crazy-expensive but still reasonable cute workout clothes — I rely on Target, especially, for good shorts/pants. (One pair I loved so much I actually ran a hole in them.) I actually find my workout clothes some of the most comfortable clothing, and buying new stuff always motivates me to work out when I don’t feel like it. (“Bleh, I don’t wanna run…oh, but I got that cute new top I really want to wear! Let’s go!”) And if you want to invest a little more in your workout gear, I really like Brooks’s line of clothes, especially the long-sleeved tops which always have thumb holes in the sleeves and often have clever little pockets for hiding keys, lip balm, etc. Now get out there and get some workout clothes! You deserve it!

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