The Open Source Community Has No Place for Disrespect
Daniel Li

Honestly, I think that overall this article is wrong. Users arent the politicians in this, the developers are. Even if they developed it in their spare time they have a responsibility for code correctness.

Users are much like children in that many times they did not ask to be dealing with you and would fix the problem themselves if they could. People acting in such extreme manners are under equal extreme direst and are demanding your sympathy as a developer. Because like a parent to a child you are the only care giver. Or like a politician the only one able to fix the problem.

I’ve seen insanely genius open code that was pure garbage under the hood and impossible for most people to develop for. Tens of developers developing against it to cover over its bugs and extend it into different product with thousands of users. But it had (and still has) hundreds of open bugs, some with people becoming irate after stating the same stresses over and over again.

Things did not get better until the main developer handed the project off to someone less thin skinned and willing to communicate. He closed old tickets, did follow ups, and actually started taking pull request and negotiated getting people commit rights. Things still arent great but they are better.

Yes asking that someone “rephase”, and give more information is a good idea, but you’ve missed the core problem. The developer has harmed the user. Committing code to open source means agreeing to support the user. And in many cases the user will help you in that endeavor, although maybe not tactfully.