Muslims Are Out There: I wanted to believe, but after 20 years of being a fan The X-Files falls…
Rim-Sarah Alouane

This episode was painful to watch. And your points are right on. That said, what responsibility do we have as Muslims and/or artists of moral conscious to address the bias implicit in these roles? The bastardization of Islam, Muslims and American Muslims — is deplorable and yet, I continue to see brown people take on these roles and carry out these awful caricatures/stereotypes of Muslims. Are they not complicit in this perpetuation of Islamaphobia?

Allah-u-akbar is such a celebratory saying, when I hear it used in such a way, it makes me cringe. We have watchdog groups that work with Hollywood to “get it right” but they don’t have the capacity to fix all that is biased in an industry, run predominately by white males. It is up to us to fix it. And we have to fix it soon. I for one will be doing my part by sending a note to an old friend who just happened to be in that episode of X-Files and reaching out to MPAC to see if they can give Chris Carter a lesson in American Muslims — or just Muslims in general. No motivation for this incident was ever exposed — I just can’t believe that people would kill folks for being ignorant — and I write this knowing that it was supposedly the motive of the terrorist killers in France.

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