Apparently speed is a useful survival strategy. No big surprise there. Intelligence is also a useful survival strategy. Again, no surprise. Put them together and you have a magical cocktail that has has allowed human beings to rise to the lofty height of top predator on this planet.

Consider, however, that these are simply tools that humans have grown accustomed to using, and that they have served us well throughout our evolution. Because they have served us so well, we may take for granted that they will always serve us well.

But what if we’re wrong? What if being faster or smarter than other animals, or other humans, is actually threatening our ability to survive? Speed notoriously increases the occurrence of mistakes. Intelligence is frequently blindsided by biochemically-driven agendas. The drive of the alpha-human predator embodies the archetype of an impatient and impulsive child, creating a lot of messes that are very expensive to clean, the cost often going unnoticed because the bill is being paid by other humans, as well as other life on this planet.

What if it’s time to take speed and intelligence off of their pedestal — to stop revering the “smart” people, or the people who can blaze through a project at an ungodly rate — and shed the limelight on a different set of tools, more suited to creating a sustainable environment and utilizing fewer resources?

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